Satellite Uplinks

ATV is supplier of satellite uplinks. In the Bulgaria, we provide contracted digital satellite services to all the major broadcasters — BNT, bTV, NTV, TV7, NEWS7 etc …
A key element of any SNG operation is comms and our trucks have it with comms over satellite plus diverse mobile phones with TBU’s as an alternative. Many of our uplinks also have broadband IP over satellite so that the crew on site can transfer edits as files and also have full back office connectivity.
We don’t just supply the satellite services, we also supply crews and our office staff can help you to sort out all those administrative details such as Ofcom site clearances, access and parking permits and accreditations.

– Uplink Vehicle Fleet – We operate the largest fleet of mobile satellite uplink vehicles in Europe to suit any size of production, delivering vision, audio and talkback from sites all over the Europe. Satellite uplinks are fully dual-MPEG and offer space segment downlink and connection to any location. We provide HD and SD uplinks and are able to offer fully managed end-to-end solutions.

– Satellite Capacity – ATV is a leading provider of occasional use services for all events including news, sport, music, cultural and special events. With over 500MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity, a fleet of 100 satellite uplink vehicles and flyaways, IP uplinks, outside broadcast facilities and a full range of staff and equipment available we are confident that we can meet your demands, even at short notice.
Our satellites are chosen for optimum coverage and immediate availability at the best rates for you.

– Communications – As well as a huge range of uplink units we also provide a variety of additional ‘comms’ solutions to make your live broadcast a complete success.

Digital Wireless Cameras

s2  With improved digital picture quality, and being cable free, digital wireless cameras provide a flexible and safe way to get broadcast cameras into crowded areas and places previously not possible.

The cameras offer complete freedom and flexibility of movement –

  • No trailing cables
  • Increased cost efficiencies due to easy set up and control (especially where using more than one camera)
  • Digital diversity technology allows for non line-of-sight operation
  • Discrete receivers with low delay and robust signals are ideal in built areas, stadiums,
  • behind the scenes or in crowds
  • Ideal for sport, entertainment, music and live events
  • Digital broadcast quality picture fully controlled

Microwave Links

We provide terrestrial microwave links to support your outside broadcast or to provide a point-to-point video and audio connection.

We also offer mobile digital microwave links on location to liberate cameras for use in otherwise inaccessible situations, such as on-board fast-moving vehicles or rigged to participants in sporting events.

Whatever the size of your production, our communications technology experts have the experience and technical know-how to keep you in the picture, whether it’s across continents or on a roof top just across the street.

Fibre Technology

s3We can provide a comprehensive video and audio solutions. Fibre is light, reliable, flexible and cost effective; for example, we can send 64 audios and 6 videos down one 6mm diameter cable.

• Outside Broadcasts

ATV provides a huge range of broadcast facilities and our innovative approach to outside broadcast means we offer you an unrivalled service. With a large fleet of HD outside broadcast trucks and a diverse SD fleet, we have the capability to cover any event. With an impeccable track record in high-quality live productions and over 20 years experience, some of the biggest music, sport and entertainment events are among our credits.

• Broadcast Systems Integration

ATV has vast experience in delivering integration services for a range of new installations, as well as refurbishments and upgrades to existing systems. We specialize in the integration of outside broadcast and uplink vehicles, production areas, TV studios, edit suites, technical areas, and fibre systems, and can provide individually tailored solutions for almost any requirement. We pride ourselves on being a service focused company, one that understands the processes and pressures of the broadcast industry. We will assign one of our experienced project managers to work with you from the outset to provide consultancy, planning and design, right through to installation, commissioning, training and ongoing support. We can even provide our own operators through an ongoing service contract to staff your new operation.

With our extensive fleet of outside broadcast units, uplink vehicles and flyaway kits, all self-owned and operated, we can provide temporary broadcast facilities to keep you operational while installation is in progress. As a heavyweight player in the broadcast industry we have extensive buying power and insight into the latest developments, enabling us to deliver future-proof solutions which utilise the very best in technology.
We provide Consultancy, Workflow Design & Project Planning, Installation, Acceptance Testing, Commisioning & Handover, Training, Documentation & Support, So, for a carefully managed, stress-free and cost-effective systems integration solution, lead by experts in the field, contact ATV now.

Satellite Internet

s4ATV is a world renowned satellite internet service provider, enabling clients to deliver media instantly and efficiently to their customers. For multi-device streaming, for brands, for emergency services, for remote or temporary internet access, for business broadcasts and for disaster recovery, we’re there.


All our projects are supported by our extensive broadcast infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and talented staff.

Mobile broadcast vehicles – ATV operates a fleet of new generation, fast response vehicles designed specifically for the mobile broadband market. These are located across Bulgaria and can be booked for any event. Our mobile broadband vehicles transmit data at high speeds using the latest technology. The fleet consists of single operator mobile broadband vehicles.

VSAT Solutions -Very small aperture terminals (VSAT) units are two-way antennas with dishes typically measuring 75cm – 120cm in diameter. They access satellites in geosynchronous orbit to transmit and receive broadband data from any location.

Support and Base Facilities – ATV dedicated engineers provide expert 24/7 support to guarantee a constant service. From set up to delivery, we can handle everything for you using our network of skilled personnel.

About Satellite Internet Services

Although the reach of cable and DSL internet networks has grown immensely in recent years there are still many remote areas aren’t covered. Satellite internet solves this problem, providing reliable connectivity almost anywhere in the world. While some broadband providers are known to keep new subscribers waiting for weeks while they install phone lines and activate the service, ATV`s satellite internet service can connect you far more quickly and the hardware can move with you from location to location. Unlike the often unreliable 3G cellular internet, ATV`s satellite internet service offers high upload and download speeds, and allows you to connect any number of devices to the internet via a network or Wi-Fi router.

This service is ideal for large, remote business sites, and those who require dedicated satellite capacity for a more reliable and secure service. ATV utilises award winning technology from iDirect to deliver the very best service to its clients. It also put great emphasis on measuring service levels to ensure clients are completely satisfied with the service, whether that be in mobile broadband provision, VoIP, streaming, VSAT, or disaster recovery. In today’s fast-paced business world, an uninterrupted internet connection is an essential ingredient to the success of a company whatever their size. With the increasing popularity of the Cloud as an online repository for information and systems, businesses simply cannot afford to lose connection.

ATV’s satellite broadband is an ideal solution for disaster recovery. If you lose connection we can deploy an internet vehicle from our extensive fleet to bring you back online, or you can have your own satellite dish and service installed permanently for added redundancy.Temporary broadband connections can be provided at short notice. These adaptable services can suit a whole range of needs, including those of production teams covering moving events; construction firms working in undeveloped areas; scientists, vironmentalists and archaeologists looking to set up offices in remote locations; mobile libraries travelling through rural areas; emergency services needing immediate onsite connections; and a whole host of other applications.

From live event streaming and webcast services to high bandwidth satellite internet anywhere, we will get your message out there and get you connected.

Live Streaming – Online events in real time


Our streaming platform is capable of delivering SD or HD live streams, on-demand videos and DVR broadcasting to Web (Flash, Windows, Mac), Roku, iPhone, iPad, and Android via our content delivery network. We own state-of-the-art data centers that enable us to provide the best live streaming services with the lowest pricing in the industry.

Content Delivery Network – CDN

At CDN we apply our proprietary Intelligent Load Balancing technology to deliver your traffic from the nearest server with the best performance and the least load. We constantly scan and test our network to ensure we maintain high quality of delivery globally.
Our network is built to support unlimited spikes of traffic and unexpected increases in viewing numbers.
Personal approach to customer problems – we use our in-house expertise to deliver solutions specifically tailored to your requirements.
Built- in Network Scalability enabling us to deliver unlimited volumes of traffic nd support unlimited number of concurrent viewers.
Immediate availability : start broadcasting on web and mobile platforms immediately using our online self provisioning tools. Choose added value services you require: security, DVR and more.

Multi-device streaming / WEB CAST

Live streaming and webcasting can support and enhance a live event broadcast immensely. This could take the form of duplication of a live TV broadcast to enable viewers to access content on a variety of devices, or it could be used to add value to the main programmers. With additional footage made available via second screen devices viewers are able to enjoy more immersive and interactive experiences.

Ask yourself whether your event is being broadcast through the channels your audience will want to view it on? Would your programme benefit from behind the scenes coverage, pre or post event discussion and analysis, or allowing access to alternate and innovative camera angles? We can create branded and password protected pages, or work with your graphic designers to make sure your event works for you. Let ATV enhance your event, be it sporting, music, or entertainment with our multi-device streaming services.

ATV prides itself on being a service focused company with expertise in a number of areas including outside broadcasting. Every link in the broadcast chain is critical to success – its all very well filming stunning multi-camera HD imagery but this has to be mixed and compressed correctly,, encoded to the highest standard and output sympathetically for a range of devices. Having one experienced company – ATV – take charge of the whole process guarantees a quality service.

Streaming and webcast solutions from ATV give you the opportunity to deliver media instantly and efficiently to your customers. Services are available via a terrestrial or satellite route, enabling data to flow freely through your own network to produce high quality programmes. Pictures distributed across dedicated ATV networks use guaranteed bandwidth that eliminates network congestion, buffering and other quality issues often associated with terrestrial viewing. We work with a number of satellite operators and are Ofcom registered enabling us to purchase satellite capacity directly. We also monitor all streams for availability and performance to guarantee your service.

The result is that users can watch high-quality, rich media via their internet enabled TVs, desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices with no specialist skills or specific knowledge required. With expert 24/7 support from ATV’s dedicated engineers, you are guaranteed a robust service. From set up to delivery, we can handle everything for you.

On-Demand Internet Access

ATV can provide on-demand satellite internet access from our large fleet of satellite uplink vehicles and dedicated mobile broadband vehicles or in-house designed portable antennae. ATV’s internet anywhere service is designed for clients who require a robust and fully supported satellite internet connection at short notice and at any location, even in the most demanding of conditions.

Whether you are part of the emergency services and need an alternative means of communication during a crisis, an outside broadcaster who requires access to your office systems, or part of an organization that is temporarily without a network – our satellite internet services provide a quick and resilient solution. We have a huge staff and support infrastructure that can get to any location fast.

As soon as one of our uplink trucks arrives, a network is available within minutes on ATV’s dedicated satellite capacity. We operate our own multi-satellite iDirect hub and have over 500MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity and access to lots more if needed. We are ready to send and access your data at the click of a button.

ATV can also set up dedicated ISDN / VoIP / ADSL / DEL connections in remote locations and at short notice.

This service has proved ideal for:

  • Production teams covering events which move from location to location
  • Construction firms working in undeveloped areas
  • Scientists, environmentalists and archaeologists working in remote locations
  • Mobile libraries travelling through rural areasPlus a whole host of other applications

Plus a whole host of other applications.

Beyond The Rental

If you’re looking for video camera rental, production equipment rental, top notch service, support and crew then ATV is your first and last stop.
Our inventory includes camera rental, grip truck rental, lighting, grip, generator and electric rentals. Build your own custom order or choose from our preconfigured packages of camera, lens, tripods, monitors, lighting and audio for everything from run and gun talking heads to full blown commercial and feature production.
Call us today and we’ll build a package, pack it in a grip truck and have the crew bring it to you!

Technical consultancy and project management

ATV provides technical consultancy and project management to leading scientific and engineering organizations. We use our years of experience in delivering innovative solutions for our customers, and our depth of technical expertise, to help our clients understand the challenges that they face and deliver the solutions that they need.